25 Dec 2012
Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013 ahead! It has been awhile since our blog has been updated. Do follow us on our Facebook Fan Page instead as there are lots more activities going on there ;) Before we scoot off for the festive holidays, here are some updates on what we have been up to. Enjoy!

Air Jordan 1 Alpha Nike ID - Poison Dart Frog

Nike Dunk - Darth Vader
Sneak Preview of an upcoming design ;)
Orlando Magic Penny Hardaway - Nike AirForce 1
Goyard Customisation

Goyard Restoration

24 May 2012
Hi guys, thank you so much for all your support so far!

Unfortunately, we have received a letter from Marvel Entertainment that we have to remove all pictures of our Iron Man and Captain America design and not to sell them anymore.
Nevertheless, we will still continue to provide our customisation services for other theme design. Please do give us your support!

You will no longer be able to find pictures of the two design on our website and Facebook page as we have already removed them. We are sorry to disappoint fans who may have came to this page looking for those design. Please feel free to drop us a note if you need any further clarifications. Thank you!

6 Nov 2011
More pictures of our latest fan art design, Vintage Pinocchio Blazer Mid Premium. Strictly not for sale.

23 Oct 2011

19 Oct 2011
Help us to reach 500 likes on our Facebook Page ( and we will pick one lucky person to receive FREE* sneakers design (any theme of your choice) and customization service worth USD 200! If that lucky person is staying overseas (not Singapore), we will throw in free shipping to you as well! ^_^ Further announcement will be made when we are nearing 500 likes!

*Does not include cost of the sneakers
*Design will be only on either Nike Air Force Low or Nike Dunk Low (For Men or Women).

6 Aug 2011

This Nike AF1 is customised for a fan of Versaemerge, an American rock trio of Sierra Kusterbeck, Blake Harnage and Nick Osborne. Ideas were inspired by their website featuring feather prints and album 'Fixed at Zero'. Particularly their signature cross arrows as well as a line from their song 'There's a vulture on my shoulder' which was playfully tweaked into 'There's a vulture on my sneakers'.

28 May 2011

27 February 2011:

MoreThanArtToWear is making alittle noise at Noise Singapore exhibition which runs till 7 March 2011 at Ion Basement 4.

12 February 2011:
Last Christmas, M.T.A.T.W. took part in a charity event by sponsoring 2 pairs of custom designed Nike sneakers. It feels great to give!

9 January 2011:
Here we go, it's a jolly brand new year. Here's a design which was completed in time before last X'mas.

27 November 2010:
Airbrushing is a technique which can produce amazingly realistic pictures. Here's an artwork done up by J'field.


13 November 2010:

Hi guys, check out More Than Art To Wear's feature on I-S Magazine No. 534, November 5 Issue.
"Relative newcomers More Than Art to Wear are a design collective who will customize everything and anything from sneakers and jeans to T-shirts and caps. “The process of customization starts with a blank canvas; and, in our case, mostly a pair of plain sneakers,” says designer J'field Yeo. “We communicate closely with our customers to gather specific details such as their feet size, preference for sneakers’ model, theme, design and color. Thereafter we will do up a draft drawing for their approval. Once the customer is pleased with it, the actual design work will commence, which may take between three weeks to a month to complete.” Get your fix of the crew’s hip designs (we especially dig the Nike Air Force 1 “Dynasty Treasure” pair, see picture above) from $250-400, and more generic ranges from $200 which can be ordered from the website."

29 August 2010:

Breaking news: Early dawn, a team of M.T.A.T.W. archaeologists and experts uncovered a pair of treasures buried under the sands on a remote island of Singapore. Imprinted with drawings of dragons and mystical cranes, and what was believed to be patterns found on chinese porcelain, experts are still working to determine its origin.

At press time, the dimension of the pair of treasures were established at 29cm (in length), 10cm (in width), 15cm (in height) each. Identical swoosh marks were also found on each side of the treasures. Initial findings have also determined that the patterns and drawings found on the pair of treasures were results of the fine works of hands.

Colors of the imprints are believed to be of a vibrant tone of blue consistent on the pair of treasures. In excellent condition, M.T.A.T.W. experts have discovered coating of gloss finish on the pair of treasures which have enabled them to retain the vibrancy of their prints and colors.

The spokesman for M.T.A.T.W. has confirmed that this pair of treasures will be displayed temporarily at the M.T.A.T.W. collection for viewing and their price tag established at SGD 400. M.T.A.T.W. Archaeologists have named this pair of treasures "Dynasty". Stay tuned for more details.

9 August 2010:
Bored with your usual way of tying laces? Here's an instant way of updating your sneakers' look without spending a bomb: try different methods of laces tying!

Available at MoreThanArtToWear, each pair of laces comes with a fuss-free tying method which you can try on your own! 5 colors available: Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Rasberry, Black and Blue. S$5.00 a pair.

23 July 2010:
We were randomly surfing the net and came across some high fashion eye-candy sneakers:

Christian Louboutin Men's sneakers Fall/Winter 2009

Kayne West for Louis Vuitton

23 May 2010:
The Black Market Spring @ Demsey, great crowd and really cool DJs spinning inhouse. David Gan's stall was just opposite ours, selling his stash for charity. Special thanks to our buddies, Steven & Michelle for helping us out.

There is another interesting flea market coming up at Illuma Shopping Mall, happening every weekend of June as well as first 2 weeks of July. A pity we are unable to participate. But do hop on down to Bugis to have a look!

8 April 2010:
Time flies! In another 2 months, we will be entering the 2nd half of 2010. MoreThanArtToWear will be participating in the Black Market Spring Flea Market, details as follows:

Date: Sunday, May 9, 2010
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Location: HOUSE at Dempsey
Street: 8D Dempsey Road, Singapore 249672

We are excited about it and hope to see you guys there!

31 December 2009:
Last day of the year, wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance! For 2010, exciting new design coming up at More.Than.Art.To.Wear as well as new painting technique which we can't wait to introduce. So stay tuned peeps =)

26 October 2009:
Greetings Peeps! Here's a quick intro to a website where you can find all kinds of lovely hand-made & customised items: From accessories to clothing, art handicraft to paper products, this is just one big online marketplace you won't want to miss out.

Do check out the little shop-front which MoreThanArtToWear has set up on Esty:

For aspiring designers & blogshop owners, you may wish to consider setting up a shopfront there too. The cost is pretty minimal and it definitely gives exposure to the products & services you are offering.

For fellow Singaporeans, you may also wish to check out this Singapore initiative for local talents to showcase their offerings @ Though from what we read they are not affiliated with in any way but still its a great effort for them to organise this website to promote local design! So Yeh!

11 August 2009:
For fans of designer labels, rejoice! Yet another exciting collaboration coming your way. The very-talented music producer, Mark Ronson, who is also top on GQ's list of best dressed man, will be working hand-in-hand with Gucci to produce limited edition sneakers.

For monogram-haters who are inclined to snub off this project, do hold your judgement first. It seems from the published photos that the interlocking-Gs will be very subtle. And why Mark Ronson, you may wonder? Commercial reasons aside, apparently he is an avid collector of sneakers. A man with great fashion taste who loves his sneakers may just nail it right.

24 July 2009
Here's a sneak preview of the shoes I am working on for Henry. It's a tribal theme and the leather is great to paint on:

21 June 2009
It is interesting that Timberland has introduced a "customise-your-own-moccasins" service in Singapore where you get to decide what colors goes into your pair of shoes. But expect to pay from S$279 onwards for your very own design. Read here for more details.

13 June 2009

31 May 2009
Recently just completed a cap design for friend, Chris. He first saw the chinese opera theme caps in NewUrbanMale. He wanted something similar but with a more personalised touch.

To start off, alittle research was done for the sketch of a opera face. Thereafter paint was added to the plain cap.

To add on alittle more creativity, lace was bought and hand-sew onto the cap for the opera face's crown:

Was pondering whether to add on some fabric for the opera face's beard but decided to do away with it as the crown was supposed to be the highlight of the cap and viola, it was completed.

If you like what you see, do get in touch with us. Right now for SGD 59, we will provide customisation which comes with the cap =)

26 May 2009:
Here're 3 links to cool websites which we like. Perfect to perk up one's draggy mood caused by the hot weather:

Do share with us your favourite customisation websites or forums. It can be customisation for anything under the sun like sneakers, paper, t-shirts, etc =)

21 May 2009:
The girl received this emailer from Pedder Red about Havaianas customization. For flip flop lovers, you might wanna check it out:

19 May 2009
It all started when we eye a pair of white Adicolor sneakers in the Adidas boutique. It was like a canvas waiting for the splash of colors. The idea of making wearable art – that was what really got us started on customizing sneakers. Currently we are working on cap customization for a friend. Will be sharing some pictures of work-in-progress later.

For peeps who like customization, later on we will be sharing links to our fave customization forum. Whenever we come across any interesting news or articles on customization, we will also share it here in this blog. If you are also into customizing stuff and will like to exchange information about getting good paints or painting technique, do feel free to get in touch =)